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Have Some Inspiration

A couple months ago, my brother-in-law and now sister-in-law get married; what a BEAUTIFUL wedding. Every little detail was taken care; I can’t imagine the amount of time and energy that went into the whole process.

As many of you know, Chris and I eloped because of my problems with planning (and spending money). I would’ve gotten halfway through and decided I wasn’t making any more decisions, not going to anymore parties, and not spending another dime. I would’ve been horrible, and not in a “bridezilla, I need-things-my-way,” but in a WHY-ARE-WE-SPENDING-SO-MUCH-MONEY kind of way. We did exactly what was best for us and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, but if you’re gonna have a wedding, this is the way to do it!

Nestled in a its own private forest, the venue is what dreams are made of. Appropriately named, Nestldown is a family-owned property, with beautiful flowers blooming everywhere you look, little nooks and crevices to sit and watch the sunlight dance through the trees, lakes and waterfalls that give you a wonderful out-in-the-woods vibe, and lets not forget to mention the fairy cottage and dragon head. Yeah, I know. Dreams, right? I spent most of cocktail hour exploring the grounds and taking pictures. But mostly, this little fairy-tale-wonderland inspired me. What kind of tales could be written about frolicking through the grass, standing under the trees, walking down the stone steps? So many little adventures ran through my mind that I didn’t have time to write them all down and they flew right back out again.

So, my avid readers and writers, I challenge you to peruse these lovely photos taken of the day and choose a couple to inspire you. Write of love, of heartbreak, of adventure; I want to read it all! But mostly, I just want to see what these pictures inspire in you! Drop it in the comments or email me if you’re shy. 😉

Ta for now, readers and writers!

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