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7 Ways to Start Practicing Self-Love

I’ve been a little MIA lately, but life threw me some curveballs, y’all.

2020 has been a helluva year, and it’s only #March (WHAAAT). There have been some health issues in my family, Chris and I are getting a divorce, and the #coronavirus broke out and everyone is in #quarantine.

I think Mother #Earth finally got fed up and let everyone have it.

It’s a good time for self-reflection; I’ve found that a lot of my self-reflection is harmful and looks back on my past with #regret instead of trying to learn from it so, I’m trying to practice #selflove, and I’m taking all of you along with me.

1. Exercise daily. By staying stagnant, your mind has a chance to build all the negative thoughts we’re trying to combat. Exercising releases endorphins which can help alleviate anxious and depressive thoughts and lead us to a happier mindset.

2. Find a hobby. Don’t just find it, practice it. Practicing a hobby we enjoy will take our mind off of whatever might be troubling it today and give us something productive to work towards. Whether it be #cooking, #knitting, #drawing, #writing, #running, do it with consistency and we’ll find a boost in endorphins.

3. Meditate. We all live busy lives and running from one place to the next is often a good way to distract ourselves, but it’s not always the best. We need to take a minute for ourselves and just breathe. Don’t think about the next project or what’s happening in ten minutes. This #meditation time is just to let us relax and destress from our busy lives.

4. Practice mindfulness. Similar to meditating, being mindful is the practice of living in the moment, rather than the past. See where I’m going here? Instead of thinking about regret, shoulda-woulda-coulda, and what might’ve been, practicing #mindfulness allows us to be present in all life’s moments.

5. Drink more. No, not that bottle of tequila you just opened (save that for later). Drink more water. When we’re dehydrated, we’re naturally in a crankier state because our bodies aren’t getting what they need. Our bodies are always secreting fluids; drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids.

6. Eat right. Is ice cream okay? Absolutely. A whole bottle of wine on quarantine? Hey, it’s quarantine. But also make sure to get some salads in there and make sure we’re eating enough protein. When our bodies don’t get the nutrients they need, they rebel by feeling sick, having weird cravings, feeling depressed, etc. Getting the proper nutrients will help keep our mind and body on the right track.

7. Set boundaries. It’s okay to say “no” to someone or something if it makes us uncomfortable or doesn’t fit into our way of living. Making other people happy shouldn’t come at the expense of our own happiness, sanity, or self-love. It feels good to say “yes” to those we care about, but if they care about us, they’ll understand that sometimes we need to say “no” too.

Not all of these are going to work, and they’re not going to work right away. Practicing self-love when you don’t love yourself is hard and takes #time—time to heal, time to forgive, time to realize what #boundaries you need to set, time to find a freaking hobby…but it will happen, and we’ll do together.


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